Prices (For a week)

 2018Piano Nobile:
4 doublerooms each with own bathroom/toilet
2 doublerooms w. own bathroom/toilet
1 doubleroom ! 1 singleroom w. shared bathroom/toilet
Tutta casa:
Piano Nobile and
Piano Terra
November – march (You can only rent the Piano Nobile) € 840 + costs for heating Not for rent Piano Nobile only
April € 1150 + costs for heating


€ 995 € 2015
Eastern (15/4-22/4) May, June,mei, September, October

€ 1365

October: + costs for heating

€ 1240 € 2465 October: + costs for heating
July and August € 1750 € 1580 € 2985
November/December  € 840 + coasts for heating Not for rent Piano Nobile only


  • Cleaning:  one floor: € 60; Whole house:  € 110.
  • You rent the house from Saturday (arrival) to Saturday (departure)
  • You can rent the villa as a whole or one of the two floors (Piano Nobile and Piano Terra separately. On special demand it is also possible to rent individual bedrooms only. In this case you may have to share kitchen, living-room and balconies/terraces with other tenants on the same floor.
  • In the villa, there are beds for 15 persons in the bedrooms. A maximum of 17 persons can find a place if you make use of each 1 extra bed per floor. In this case, you’ll have to pay additional charges (see above).
  • Prices include the costs for electricity, gas and water, bed-linen and towels. For using the washingmachine you have to pay € 20 a week.
  • From October until April you pay between € 50 and € 200 (as per consumption) for heating in the Piano Nobile.
  • It is not possible to rent the Mansarde (top floor). That apartement for use of the housowners only. It is always possible that one of the owners stays there (max two persons).

Extra bed

One extra bed per floor is possible:

Adults (from 10 years) : Costs 25 € per night / person,

children (4-10 years) costs 15 € per night / child.

Each floor free one baby bed cot (up to 3 Jahre/15 Kg)


Rent of separate doublerooms only on special demand.

April, May, June, September, October: € 625,- a week
July, August: € 695,- a week

Cleaning: € 30


When you book, you have to pay 50 % of the rent in advance. The rest of the money has to be paid until one month before your arrival, at the latest.


On your arrival you will have to pay € 150 as a bail. We ask you to pay that cash at Monika Franciulli when you arrive in Castellabate. You get the money back less costs of cleaning at the end of your stay, if nothing has been damaged.


One never knows – it might happen that you will have to cancel or withdraw from your booking. Much to our regret we would then have to charge you for cancellation or withdrawal as follows:

  • For withdrawal not later than 45 days before your arrival: 25 per cent of the house price;
  • between 44 and 14 days: 50 per cent of the house price;
  • later than 14 days before your arrival: 100% of the house price.

For that reason we recommend to cover a corresponding insurance at your place.