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At Naples airport you take a bus to the main station, Napoli Statione Termini. Depending on the season, the bus leaves every 10 – 30 minutes. You find the bus stop on your right hand when you leave the Terminal building. The bus trip takes about 10 minutes (if there is no traffic jam), ticket costs 0,99 Euro. At the main station, you buy a ticket to Agropoli. Nearly all trains that are southbound stop there. Depending on the type of train, the trip will take between 1:10 to 1:40 hours and costs about 10 Euro.

Agropoli is only 10 kilometres away from the villa. If you want to come by train, you best call Sylvio Franciulli. He is the local taxi-driver of Castellabate, and his wife Monika works in the villa. If you tell Sylvio the time of your arrival at Agropoli, he will pick you up at the station and bring you to the villa, for a reasonable price.

Telephone: 0974 967208 or 333 4719664

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